Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Death Sentence- Mikkel Birkegaard

I received a copy of this to review for Transworld Book Challenge.  I loved the concept of this book- an author discovers that someone has recreated one of his murders and worries that he will be a suspect.  Soon after another murder is committed again based on one of his novels.  As both of the victims are people he knows he worries what will happen next and begins to investigate himself.  He is a well known author with a reputation of writing particularly horrific, violent murder stories and as a result of this the book is, at times, fairly gruesome.  The story is interspersed with chapters charting Frank's early life, studenthood and marriage

I found this a gripping read but some of it didn't hold together, particularly with regard to the lack of the police investigation and I found the ending slightly frustrating.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nothing but trouble- Rachel Gibson

I received this to review for Transworld Book Challenge.  For me it was a very predictable novel filled with one dimensional character who could have been developed much better.  Mark Bressler was the Chinooks captain before having a serious accident stopping him playing hockey.  Chelsea Ross has been hired to care for Mark.  He doesn't want her there and sets out to get her to quit whilst she is doing all she can to stay as she wants the $10,000 reward for lasting.  I found it difficult to believe that Mark needed a carer and apart from a bit of rudeness there wasn't anything particularly to get rid of Chelsea. 

Despite these criticisms to read it purely as fluffy, escapism it was an ok read.