Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The colour of death- Michael Cordy

I am part of the transworld book group and have been given a copy to review.

This was an outstanding book.  Its the first book I have read by Michael Cordy and I hope it is to be the start of a new series.  Dr Nathan Fox is a psychiatrist with his own share of emotional baggage as he still doesn't understand why he was the only person not killed in a petrol station hold up.  He is assigned to treat a woman known only as Jane Doe as she has complete amnesia of anything which happened prior to her rescuing dozens of Russian women held captive.

The book tackles a complex medical condition "synaethesia" and interweaves it very well into the storyline.  Early on in the book I was reading it slowly, trying to savour it as much as possible but as the story progressed I was desperate to find out how it was going to end.  All in all very highly recommended!

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