Sunday, 29 May 2011

In a dark house by Deborah Crombie

I like Crombie's writing. I like Kincaid and James as characters and have enjoyed their professional and personal relationships developing. I must confess I have not read the books in order but this largely doesn't matter-it means that I know what happens regarding certain things but doesn't detract from the individual stories. However, I do not think this is her best story.

There is a body found in a fire which could be one of many people who appear to have gone missing, a 10 year old abducted by her father who later reports her missing, and the ongoing custody battle over Kit who may or may not be Kincaid's son. For me, it felt that there were too many characters who were not able to be adequately developed. I would still recommend reading this and other books by her as they are a good police procedural without the gore!

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