Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cold Shoulder-Lynda La Plante

Lorraine Page was a promising lieutennant until she kills a young boy whilst drunk on duty.  She then continues drining more and more until she has lost everything- her husband, children, house and dignity.  Some years later we catch up with her again after having been admitted to a hospital Rosie (a former alcoholic) takes her in.  A serial killer is on the loose and Lorraine has seen something which makes her invaluable to the police.  She finds herself eventually at the centre of the investigation. 
I really enjoyed this book but did feel that it could have been trimmed by about 50 pages or so.  Towards the end it all seemed a little too protracted.  Had it not been for this it would definitely be a 5* read for me and I am now going to go and search for the next in the series!

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