Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Stone Cutter- Camilla Lackberg

This is the third book in the Erica Falck/Patrik Hedstom series.  Personally, Patrik has become a father and Erica is suffering some form of postnatal depression.  In his professional sphere a girl is found drowned in the river and she is the daughter of Erica's friend.  In addition to this storyline there is, interwoven, the story of Agnes told beginning in the early 1920s.  It is not clear until a lot later in the book (for me almost at the end) what relevance this has on the modern day story.  We also follow more of Erica's sister Anna's story which I am sure will be continued in the next book

I like the way that Lackberg builds the different characters.  She gives real depth to them.  Would definitely recommemd this book but reading the other 2 first might be worthwhile.

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